Repeatable Sales Model

Understand. Train. Inspire.

Maximize sales performance by showing your team EXACTLY how to win. Correct weaknesses & inspire confidence with professional sales management.

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Repeatable Sales Model

Repeatable Sales Model

Step-by-step roadmap for finding, qualifying, selling & closing business. We'll create a strategic & tactical sales plan to build pipeline & quickly grow sales orders.

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Manage Your Sales Machine

Manage Your Sales Machine

Know where you're going, not just where you've been. We'll show you how to use a sales process to manage leads & get data you need to manage your sales.

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Have you been in a meeting and said “Our sales numbers are just fine. We don’t need to take any action to improve”?

Restart Needed

Restart Needed NOW!

If you look back at quarterly budget reviews, operational meetings and executive staff meetings you’ve attended or led, it’s more than likely that sometimes the statement was the opposite: “We need to do better”. Even if you’re on track the pressure is on to continue to improve monthly, quarter over quarter, year over year. Ad infinitum!

If fact, at this very moment thousands of businesses are struggling to find out exactly how to get to the sales results they need. Some of the conversations in those meetings are harder than others, but every business can do better.

Exactly how are you going to improve? Let’s get control of your sales numbers now!


You can benefit from an Experienced Sales Leader:

  • If you’re not where you want to be and want some fresh ideas and experience on maximizing your sales.
  • If you have a gap in leadership due to an unexpected departure.
  • If you’re not at a stage to hire full-time, professional sales management.
  • If you’re expanding your sales into the United States or new territories.
  • If you want coaching and mentoring for your sales leaders.
  • If you need some advice or hands-on help revitalizing your sales efforts.

Quick start or restart your direct B2B sales team – and your sales.

Take your sales team on a trip to excellence.

Sales Method Blue

The Sales Cycle

From understanding the buttons your prospects want pushed to teaching your sales staff how to repeatedly and effectively push those buttons, we can immediately impact your sales results and performance. Your sales team should be a key competitive differentiator for your business – is it now?

If you’re not getting the results you want, or if you’re ready to get to the next level and dramatically ramp your sales, we can quickly find the right ways to sell and train your sales team to systematically execute a winning sales system. Understand and integrate the best practices to efficiently reach your prospects and close more business!

Having a clear, effective sales methodology and processes in place means owning a true sales machine: A strategic asset for your business and a competitive advantage. We can help you in an amazingly short time and you can then operate your new sales machine.

What’s a sales methodology? Click here to learn more….


Are you ready?

Ready. Set. Sell.


The Buying Cycle

You may already know “why” someone needs your products and services, how you can benefit the buyer, how much your competitors charge, and how to implement.

You may also understand some things about the people who have already bought from you, but do you understand the people who haven’t bought and what it takes to help them choose you – fast?  

Are you truly great at qualifying so your team spends their time closing and less time chasing rabbits? Are you riding a rolling pipeline that doesn’t seem to move? Do you want to focus on your vision, or do you have time and passion to turn the nuts and bolts on a scaleable, repeatable sales machine?

Find out more about a B2B sales machine.  Click here to learn more….


Why consider an outsourced sales leader?

Get the very best. Turn it on and off like a faucet.

Full-time executive sales leadership is not cheap. It’s hard to make a bet on an expensive, fixed staff member who may or may not fit. Just like Engineering, Finance, Customer Service and Operations, Sales is a profession built on education, experience, talent and aptitude.  If you weren’t an experienced Engineer would you try to design a complex product by yourself? Get the right stuff without the risk.

How does an outsourced executive sales leader/consultant work? Click here to learn more….

Why use EurekaRG?

Performance and accountability.Hattabaugh-503-Square

Good individual-contributor sales people don’t necessarily make good sales leaders. A sales leader is a great sales person, but also a builder and strategist. It’s a different kind of skill, aptitude and background. You can have the very best – on your terms.

A truly great sales person understands how a client’s business works from top to bottom. Even your most outstanding customer service professional might not ever know about a customer’s budgeting process or decision structure. Navigating a sale to a medium to enterprise-sized business means knowing your way up, down and sideways on an org chart, as well as being able to see the “hidden org chart” that exists beneath the surface. We will show you how to run a sales campaign consistently hitting the right touch points at the right time.

How do you know we can help? Click here to learn more….

What exactly will EurekaRG do?

In addition to helping you sort your selling strategies, we immediately hit high-impact areas such as:

  • Deal Review & Progress
  • Sales Pipeline Analysis & Management
  • Running Effective Sales Meetings
  • Sales Methodology & Process
  • Sales Metrics & Reporting
  • Sales Compensation & Recognition
  • Sales Recruitment, Motivation & Retention

Get an assessment of your sales capabilities and opportunities.

This may be your favorite word: Free!

Get started with a free phone assessment. No obligation or pressure, but you WILL be talking to a professional sales person! We’ll listen to how you’re positioning during sales cycle, and how you measure up compared to B2B direct sales standards.  With feedback on your best opportunities for improvement, you can choose to make improvements yourself, or hire someone like EurekaRG to help.

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