About Ric Hattabaugh

Hattabaugh-503-SquareI am a veteran executive sales leader of multiple startups, restarts, medium-sized companies and a F100 corporation. I’m also the principal, primary consultant and Interim Sales Leader for Eureka Resource Group.

With more than 20 years work creating sales methodologies and building sales teams, I’m very passionate about sales, mentoring and cracking the code for radically improving revenues. My forte is quickly seeing and organizing a selling strategy into details that make up a repeatable sales model: A model that can be executed over and over by a good sales staff and refined as a business evolves.

My emphasis is on Business to Business sales where a direct sales force is responsible for forming, clarifying and reinforcing key messages and generating action from buyers and users. I’m  experienced in navigating the strategic sale, as well as building high-volume transactional teams closing over the phone.

See my full resume on LinkedIn, but here are few accomplishments:

  • Leading a restarting SaaS business that went from annual sales orders falling to less than $480K to well over $4MM in less than two years – with no additional marketing budget. Done by installing a sales methodology and systems, and changing marketing mix, targeting and lead development to increase average client revenue by 30 times.
  • Turning around an online marketing tools company that was losing 100% on revenues to full profitability – without a decrease in revenue – by changing the sales model and service/product mix.
  • Taking a software company selling to enterprise accounts from zero revenue and no sales team to $3MM in quarterly orders in less than 9 months (current annual revenue are over $60MM).
  • Revitalizing a sales region taking three sales teams from ranking dead last in the USA in new annual orders to #2 (out of 13) in the USA in less than 2 years.

I have an extensive network of senior sales executives with a wide range of experience in direct, indirect, distribution, Business to Business, retail and consumer sales. I can draw on a wide range of expert Sales resources to compliment an engagement or directly match a requirement. If I’m not right for your company, I can bring in executives who are just as qualified, with a specialty that is precisely suitable for a particular client.

Contact me if you have an immediate need, or just want to learn more.

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