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Eureka Resource Group was founded in 2001 to work with startups, restarts and small to medium businesses looking to dramatically improve revenues through digital marketing and direct sales. Ric Hattabaugh is the principal consultant and Interim Sales Leader.

When and where we can help

  • Interim leadership when a temporary gap exists due to growth or a departure.
  • When sales have stalled or plateaued and it’s not clear why – or it’s clear and you’re not sure what to do.
  • When you have a good product or service and are ready scale the business.


Our mission is to put repeatable systems in place for a scaling sales model. Systems include:

  • Recruiting, training and motivating sales staff and management
  • Putting a repeatable methodology in place for approaching, engaging and closing new prospects
  • Measuring, forecasting and managing sales and revenue
  • Managing teams and putting metrics in place to spot weaknesses and fix them

Why talk to us?

It’s more than just experience.

Experience tells you where I’ve been, but not how I can get you to where you want to be. My goal is to immediately add value to your organization the first time we speak on the phone. Try me.

No “How To” books. No boilerplate. No fluff. Just sales.

I’m interested in action that gets results, not the academic theory of selling. During an engagement I am your sales leader – a part of your team. My passion becomes building a sales machine for your company that produces recurring revenue streams. My goals are perfectly aligned with yours.

We’re on your case.

When you engage Eureka Resource Group, you’ll get total focus on your business dedicated to the quickest path to your success.  Our business model is not focused on dragging out the process to maximize billings. We know how to navigate the Sales to Businesses, large and small.  We know which shortcuts to take, and which to avoid. Ideas into action.

Success comes from talent, as well a building upon experience.  And it comes from understanding where to focus:  The best opportunities, applying real-world examples of working sales systems, in-depth knowledge of sales process and tactics.  All combine to quickly identify what works BEST for your organization, right now and into the future.

Let’s talk.

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