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Q? How do you charge for your services?

By the hour, by the day, by the week or by the month.  You choose. No contract necessary (unless you want one). Turn it on and off whenever you want without notice or obligation.

If you’re interested in a sales training session only or certain types of packaged projects, Eureka can charge a flat fee.

Q? How long does it take to put a sales methodology and process in place?

It literally could be hours to show you basics that will have a dramatic impact on your ability to consistently sell.  But, it’s more likely to be weeks depending on the level of detail, reporting infrastructure and training that’s needed.

Q? What if I just have a few questions?

We’re happy to discuss your initial questions and provide ad hoc advice without charge. Please call or email.

Q? When can you start?

As early as right now. As late as a few weeks out depending on your requirements and the type of business you’re in. If I’m not the right person for your company, I’ll bring in an associate who is best for the job and timing may vary.

Q? Why should I engage Eureka Resource Group?

  1. Speed to impact
  2. Turn on or off instantly. No term commitment of any kind.
  3. Depth of experience in sales & marketing to businesses
  4. End-to-end understanding of the buying experience
  5. Total focus on your sales, not our billings

Contact me if you have an immediate need, or just want to learn more.

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