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What We Do

If things are going great….

I’m glad to hear that sales are growing on pace with your goals – fantastic and congratulations!


  • If you’re left with a sudden gap in sales leadership.
  • If you’re frustrated that your sales aren’t going up as fast as you want.
  • If you have no real sales process or systematic selling methodology.
  • If you feel you have no control and no visibility to when and if new clients come on board.
  • If you are seeing no consistent, predictable orders growth.

That’s were we can help.

As a highly successful senior sales executive (“CRO” “CSO” “CMO”) in Business-to-Business direct and channel sales, I work with you to maximize qualified leads, sales orders and profit by teaching, enabling and energizing your sales & marketing team. Or, by helping to hire and train a new sales team. Whether you have no sales staff or a hundred sales professionals, my experience, training, creativity, materials and knowledge can make an immediate impact on your organization’s ability to meet revenue goals – and continue growing.

Learn more about me here.

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  • Interim Sales Leadership – Engage EurekaRG to immediately impact your B2B sales.
  • Sales Methodology – Let us design a sales campaign system to deliver the very best, most efficient results – consistently.
  • Sales Process – Get control of your sales machine. Get a better understanding of what’s happening, and how to activate your team.

A world of resources…

Perhaps you’re selling directly to consumers, or you want an emphasis on European or Middle East sales.  That’s not me.  But, I have a network of senior sales executives who can perform a similar service and I’m glad to connect you to the very best resource available.

Contact me if you have an immediate need, or just want to learn more.

Did you make a fantastic sale today?